Permanent Makeup – before and after pictures

Eyebrows – A soft enhancement for sparse or light colored brows.

Before brows and eyeliner

After brows and eyeliner

Eyeliner –  Thin to medium eyeliner that stays put!

It’s great for anyone who experiences irritation with topical eyeliner.

(also available: Eyelash Enhancement – Color placed in between the lashes create the illusion of thicker lashes. This is great for someone who doesn’t want an “eyeliner look”)

Before eyeliner

After eyeliner


Lip Color – Return color to faded lips

Lip color can also correct asymmetry and give new shape to uneven lips making them appear larger and fuller.

Before lip color

After lip color


Often times I can only make it look less bad if you’ve had a bad experience with permanent makeup.
When this client asked to see the technicians photos, she was told they didn’t have any.
That is a red flag!!!

Before Correction-One brow was flat, the other rounded. Mishapen and not placed properly for her face. Color too dark (black) for her skin tone and hair

After Correction- She likes them dark, however this is a softer choice for her.

Areola Repigmentation

Return color to areola after breast surgery or to enhance existing features. Photos provided during consultation.